Ed has been providing music for various events for over 20 years. From weddings to corporate parties, he has the song catalogue to fill your musical needs and help create the desired atmosphere for any event. Professional live music adds a touch of class and excellence to any gathering. Whether it is instrumental jazz, jazz guitar/vocals, or a mix of classic and contemporary favourites, Ed is a solo artist who will fit nicely into any space and budget. 


A typical wedding performance would begin with period of music with guitar or guitar/vocals as guests are being seated prior to the official ceremony. This can last for up to an hour and include a style of music that is reflective of the bride and grooms taste in music. A chosen selection is then performed as the bridal party enters and continues until all are in place anticipating the brides appearance. At this time, the music changes to a meaningful song to enhance the brides grand entrance. After the nuptials, during the signing of the legal documents, there is often another selection presented to fill the space. After the newly wedded couple is presented, there would then be another tune as they exit the setting. Music could optionally continue as guests exit and converse. 

This is a common format that can be customized in any way. If there is a friend or family member who the couple would like to have sing a song at some point in the service, Ed can work with them prior to polish there skills as much as possible. Other guest musicians can easily be incorporated. Additional music can be added post ceremony during cocktails or reception type situations. 

Ed is a professional musician who can help make this pinnacle life event incredibly personal, classy and elegant. 



Ed has been enhancing private parties and events for two decades now. As solo guitar/vocal act, Ed has a large catalogue of music that includes jazz, classics and contemporary music that fits perfectly into any situation. From fine dining restaurants to lounges, private parties and receptions, Ed can adapt his repertoire to take the environment to a higher level.