Ed was born and raised on a farm  south of Gladstone, Manitoba off highway 34 and it was a steady diet of country roots and Elvis Presley. Grannies kitchen jam sessions left him soaked in smoke and guitar classics. Eventually the would lead to nearby Portage La Prairie to study guitar with Murray Pulver and, in turn, to pursue his Jazz degree in Vancouver. Ed has been a working musician for over 20 years now and has learned from some of our countries finest guitarists. The journey has left him with a strong and unique style as a guitarist and vocalist. 

Ed has always felt that if people were willing to listen to his music, he had better have something to say. He has now found his way back home and to the grassroots style that he has never forgotten. Now an accomplished songwriter, he has forged his musical voice. 

With influences ranging from Elvis, Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, Dean Martin and Ani Difranco, Ed is a versatile and crowd pleasing performer. As a guitarist, singer and songwriter, he has something to say and people are listening. He is performing to sold out crowds around rural Manitoba as a headliner and opener for some of our provinces best. Whether it be festival, theatre or small intimate stage, Ed is at home in his music and continues to get even stronger. 


Here are some sketches of some works in progress!

For Example