Online Music Lessons

Lessons are highly personalized and professional. Whatever your experience, age or musical taste, Ed has the expertise, systems and curriculum to help you reach your goals. 

Everyone learns differently and has unique obstacles they need to overcome to get their musical skills to where they want them to be. Ed has 30 years of experience as a private guitar teacher, 13 years as a public school music teacher, a Bachelor's degree in Jazz guitar performance, a Bachelor of Education and a lengthy performance resume. He will give you the tools you need to get you where you want to be. 

Online music lessons have become more commonplace for obvious reasons and have been surprisingly effective. Video conferencing and virtual classrooms have forced teachers to develop new and innovative resources that complement regular personalized coaching. We have been able to reach a wider audience of learners who are not limited by geography. 


Available classes

Individual instruction:

  • Half-hour, once per week, personalized lessons customized to your goals and needs. Any style, any experience level. $80/month
  • One hour lessons, once per week, for those who have loftier goals and interests. $160/month

Group lessons: (participants do not need to reside in same geographical location)

  • Campfire guitarist program, learn with friends/family/collegues to strum along with timeless classics, focus on chords, strumming techniques with options and adaptations to accomodate various skill levels. Fun and interactive. 10 week course. Price dependent on the number of participants.  
  • Family lessons. Learn with a family member. Inspire, bond and help one another through a rewarding and personalized music making experience. $100/month per family. 

 Home School Music:

  • Lessons for individuals that fulfill the public school curriculum. For those who are participating in home schooling and need help with Eduction in the Arts. Emphasis on creative exploration, music in culture, writing and learning an instrument. Tailored to your interests and needs. Professional. Prices vary. 


 If you have the interest and would like to inquire, please fill out the following contact form and Ed will get back to you.